Dianalogues - Trough a womens lens

Together with colette, the notorious Paris-based boutique and old Lomography friends, we have teamed up to bring you this unique collaboration – The Special edition Dianalogues No. 1 “Through a Woman’s Lens” Book!

Focusing entirely on the wide variety of female perspectives, this unique book features the eclectic creative expressions of esteemed female guest participants invited by colette, as well as selected contributors from the Lomography community! Dianalogues are all about shooting amazing Diana images, accompanied by a few lines of groundbreaking text – as simple as that.

Inspired by the Diana’s feminine name, we decided to join forces with our friends from colette to explore and celebrate the great diversity of feminine views and voices. No sooner said than done, Sarah, colette’s Miss, flicked through her rolodex and invited 10 of her most precious female friends from all over the world to add their unique outlook to our book.

Likewise, the Lomography Society’s call-out for Dianalogue entries was met with an enthusiastic response! And now, here you have it – a stream of creative, unusual, surprising, philosophical, funny, strong, and provocative messages as seen through the female perspective (lens) of life!