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Welcome to the hub of Instant Photography! From our fantastic range of Instant Cameras to super-creative Instant Backs for your favorite cameras, you’ll find the perfect partner to your spontaneous analogue moments here! Instant photography gives you the best of both worlds; the tactile experience and superior quality of analogue film, with the direct convenience of digital. Lomography makes Instant Photography even more fun! Our extensive lineup of products is not just limited to our own range of instant cameras including the new Diana Instant Square. We also have amazing instant accessories and stacks of film too! Lomography Instant Backs you can magically turn your Belair X 6-12, Diana F+, LC-A+ and LC-Wide cameras into snazzy instant snap-shooters; for an instant Lomographic makeover!

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Take a trip through this site and you’ll find an exciting, ever-evolving collection of instant photographic products that are sleek, modern and will allow you to have tons of fun with the endless creative options available. We also have tips and gallery sections prepared for your upcoming instant adventures!