Instant Cameras and Instant Backs

Instant Photography has never been more fun. Check out the fantastic range of Instant Cameras in the Lomography Online Shop

  • Lomo’Instant


    Say hello to the most creative camera in the world. Loaded with awesome features including an advanced lens system with a built-in Wide Angle Lens, a Fisheye and Portrait Lens attachment available, 3 shooting modes and unlimited multiple and infinite long exposures, this cutting edge instant camera grants eternal experimentation!

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  • Lomo'Instant Wide

    Lomo'Instant Wide

    The Lomo’Instant Wide lets you capture every moment in a super-wide, crisply-sharp and perfectly-exposed way. This wide-angled wonder shoots on Fujifilm Instax Wide so that you can squeeze even more into your shot. Take quick and easy snaps on Auto mode or experiment with long exposures, unlimited multiple exposures, Color Gel flash filters, a Splitzer, and Extra-wide-angle and Close-up lens attachments or the remote control for the perfect selfie – with the Lomo’Instant Wide you can explore your creativity from every angle!

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  • Lomo'Instant Automat

    Lomo'Instant Automat

    Small, smart and beautiful inside-out, the Lomo’Instant Automat automatically adjusts shutter speed, aperture and flash output so that you can take perfectly lit shots anytime, anywhere; dusk ’til dawn. And it’s the only instant camera that combines these automatic settings with a ton of creative features - you can shoot everything from remote control selfies to psychedelic light paintings, endless multiple exposures and so much more. Seize life instantly – and make every moment count.

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  • Lomo’Instant Automat Glass

    Lomo’Instant Automat Glass

    Create bolder, sharper instant masterpieces than ever before with the Lomo’Instant Automat Glass: the only instant camera with a wide-angle glass lens. Take advantage of the closest focusing distance of 0.3m and fill your frames with gorgeous, sharp details through the 38mm, multi-coated optics. With a design inspired by pioneering expeditions and stargazing observatories, this camera is packed with a whole galaxy of creative features like the Splitzer, Close-Up Lens Attachment and remote control shutter release, so that you can explore endless instant possibilities!

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  • Diana F+ Instant

    Diana F+ Instant

    The Diana F+ Instant Camera delivers the signature dream-like Diana effects in a snap. This camera package lets you take instant photos straight out the box and comes with a Close-Up Lens attachment. The Diana F+ Instant Camera creates fantastic, lo-fi photos on instant film. Get soft-focused images with beautiful vignettes on the edges in a flash.

    If you already own the Diana F+, you can simply purchase the Diana Instant Back+!

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  • LC-A+ Instant

    LC-A+ Instant

    The legendary Lomo LC-A+ has transformed into a multi-talented Instant and 35mm Camera. Get maximum creativity through fully automatic day and night time photography with long exposures (with or without flash), multiple exposures, use of the cable release, accessory lenses and much more. A standard LC-A+ back is also part of this package so you can switch easily between Fujifilm Instax Mini Film or any 35mm film. 

    If you already own the LOMO LC-A+ you can simply purchase the LOMO C-A Instant Back!

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  • Belair Instant

    Belair Instant

    The Belair Instant Camera is the ideal partner for shooting on the road because of its versatility and amazing list of features. Imagine exploring all these features and seeing the results at once - plus being able to switch back to shoot on 120 film. That’s now possible with the Belair Instant Camera - Load it up with Fuji Instax Wide film and you're ready to go!

    If you already own the Belair X 6-12, you can simply purchase the Belair Instant Back!

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    The LC-Wide Instant Kit  makes shooting fabulous instant shots simple and fun! Simply attach the instant kit’s correction lens and viewfinder to your LC-Wide camera , attach an LC-A Instant Back+ , load it up with some Fuji Instax Mini Film  and you are ready to start shooting beautiful ultra-wide-angle instant Lomographs with the Lomo LC-Wide!

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FUJI Instax Cameras


  • Fuji Instax Mini Film

    Fuji Instax Mini Film

    In packs of 10 and 20. For use with Lomo’Instant, Diana F+ Instant, Lomo LC-A+ Instant, Fuji Mini and Cheki Instant cameras. Credit-card sized - 6.5 x 4.6 cm - fits into your wallet. Sharp, fine grained & color perfect. Speedy results due to accelerated development system. 800 ISO.

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  • Fuji Instax Wide Film

    Fuji Instax Wide Film

    For use with the Belair Instant Camera and Fuji Instax 200 & 210 cameras. Each cartridge delivers 10 superb wide format instant photos.

    • Two cartridges per pack - Total of 20 Photos
    • Film Size: 11cm x 8.5cm
    • Image Size: 9.9cm x 6.2cm
    • Film Speed: ISO 800
    • Protect from X-Ray Exposure

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