Ok, so I'm new here...

New to Lomography? That's ok, we can help you get in our community right away! It's quick and easy, and you'll join a dynamic, passionate group of Lomographers!

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What's so great about joining?

There are a lot of perks that you can get out of being a member of the Lomography community! Exchange tips with other members, and get inspired with collaborations and projects. Expect exciting things happening in the community because we always have something new to offer. Best of all, you'll meet like-minded Lomographers to share the analogue love with – our friendly community is constantly active with discussions, collaborations, contests, and meetups.

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So...I get free stuff!?

Yes! Members gain access to all the community features, such as:

  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Your very own LomoHome account, where you can organise your photos and share them with other Lomographers
  • Special offers and web-only exclusives on Lomographic products
  • Contests where you can win Piggy Points and Lomography stuff! (One Piggy Point voucher is worth 1 EUR/USD for you to spend in our online store)
  • The ability to post your own comments, reviews, stories and tips.
  • Make contact with thousands of photography-loving people from around the world!