The Lomography Analogue Circus Booth at photokina

Do you need to get visually high? To feel that your inner creative senses are stimulated?

We have the perfect spot for you: our Lomography Analogue Circus booth and its diverse interactive stations at photokina lead you through the magic world of analogue images. The Lomography Analogue Circus booth, a 500 square meter space full of analogue actions and creative stimulation, is surrounded by a Lomowall made of over 40000 Lomographs. This experimental, interactive and funky space is devoted to visual pleasure and imaging experiences, without distinction between watching and doing, where all circus themes will be magically explored.

Let yourself be charmed and surprised by our diverse stations all directly inspired from the very lively and magical circus theme. From our sales station to our wall of fame all the way through our legendary Lomolab, you will not believe how good the analogue world can make you feel. Explore our cinema circus and our finest LomoKino short movies selection. Drop by our LomoKino set station, borrow our legendary LomoKino and thrill yourself by embracing a movie director’s role. Discover our large range of cameras and get to know which one will be the most fun for you. Be a player and take part in our games and competitions; you may become the happy winner of a camera that will let you see life through a new lens.

Enjoy the delicious smell of coffee and get electrified by its unexpected super powers. Interact and catch up with other image-obsessed people and if you get tired, just take a breather! Head over to the reading corner where you will learn everything you wanted to know about the history of Lomography whilst lounging on a comfortable deck chair. By the time you decide to move on, the sound of our DJ sets and music performers might awaken the party freak in you, and motivate you to stay a bit longer for more great analogue fun.

And if you are still looking for a little more analogue action that could turn you into an accomplished lomographer, register now for our ongoing daily workshops.*

*Our workshops are free of charge and are limited to 15 participants per workshop.


What the hell is Lomography?

Your friends, your working colleagues, your neighbors, and acquaintances cannot stop talking about it, the whole world seems awake and ready to spread the analogue message but you remain a bit confused. You are not really sure…. What is this analogue prophecy? What is a Lomographer? What the hell are these 10 Golden Rules they won’t stop mentioning? Why do they say Lomography has changed my life? What exactly are Lomography snapshots? Can everyone create a Lomograph or do you need to be a particularly gifted artist? Perhaps you are tired of the instantaneity of your daily life. You get served instant coffee, instant pre-cooked meals that taste like plastic, even your pictures come instantaneously and it bothers you. It feels like you forgot how to be surprised and feel thrilled. You want to hook up with new experiences and the unexpected? To enrich your life, to discover a living philosophy that will set you free and turn your daily experiences into art? Don’t think anymore and catch a glimpse into a magical world that will definitely capture your greatest memories and random stories. Experience the pleasure of reliving long forgotten pictures and adventures; be reminded of the greatest moments of your daily life through the virtue of patience and experimentation. Get to know a new way of shooting and capturing the greatest moments of your life. Turn your daily life into an unforgettable dream and let analogue photography give your memories another dimension. Join our ongoing daily workshop “What the Hell is Lomography” and discover all those analogue secrets you’ve always wanted to know! Meet our funky circus team and reveal the circus artist in you!

Get Ready to DIY! And design your circus theme inspired La Sardina

Leave the path of global uniformity and break free with the Lomography Analogue Circus! It’s time to produce instead of consume. Get ready for some DIY circus theme inspiration and design a camera which Buffo himself could not have designed! This workshop is totally dedicated to the La Sardina DIY Edition. The La Sardina is a super-wide-angle sardine can camera that enables you to discover an ocean of analogue possibilities, not only does it offer endless Lomographic possibilities, it could also become your favorite magical item. One like those that every time you look at them, plunge you into the magical circus world, that probably surrounded your childhood and inspired your dreams and imagination. Although there are a bunch of different and beautiful La Sardina designs out there, how cool would it be to have your very own special and individual La Sardina? One that totally matches your vision of how magical a circus should be? Get inspired by lectures from passionate Lomographers and LomoAmigos and then make yourself at home in our creative corner. There you can live the creative dream and forget everything else. No rules, no limits - just you and your desire to create something unique. Be yourself, have a good time and set out on your own personal Lomographic adventure. Come on, join us for some DIY!

Natural Ingredients Film Development: Give a new taste to your lomographs!

Willing to pursue the ultimate analogue adventure? Excited about getting electrified by the joy and fun of doing everything on your own? Seeking some awesome stories to tell your friends? Life is about experiencing and shaping things according your own vision and tastes. It is all about living your dreams and catching up with new emotions. All fun experiences involve building things and having new interactions with wonderful individuals. Lomography, as usual, is busy spreading the analogue joy across borders, and has imagined a mind-blowing workshop for you: “Develop your own films with natural ingredients!” that will turn you into an accomplished and fulfilled Lomographer, 100% involved in the analogue venture! Rediscover the great pleasure of creating your very own happiness and souvenirs. Much easier and achievable than you could ever imagine, it simply requires you to create awesome shots across the universe, to fill your favorite leather jacket pockets, handbags or even picnic baskets with films and head over to our photokina booth where, for the first time ever, we will hold this amazing workshop. Are you getting hungry for the tasteful satisfaction of doing things yourself? Start today; join us in this analogue circus adventure. We are more than happy to reveal all the stupendous secrets of developing your own film and bring you closer to an exciting analogue lifestyle! We can’t wait anymore and bet that you can’t either!

Get to know – and to love – The LomoKino

Have you ever dreamed of being an actor, a film director or a film producer? Did Charlie Chaplin make you laugh with all his weird facial expressions? If so, then stop dreaming and put those plans into action! The fantastic Lomography booth is your chance to step into the role full force! Here you can give your film any artistic and dramatic treatment you want and finally produce your own film! If you’ve never dreamt of being an actor, a film director or a film producer, check it out anyway, you can get a taste of the magical world of analogue movies! The LomoKino gives you the chance to transport yourself into the world of movies as it was 100 years ago. No sound, no special effects, no post production – just you and the LomoKino – unpredictable, original and beautiful. Capture the spirit of analogue photography and open up a world of creative possibilities. Just as Palme D’Or winning Director, Apichatpong Weerasethakul did. His extraordinary short film, Ashes, presented at the Cannes Film Festival premiere, was shot with the LomoKino. Get a taste and reach for our LomoKino Set and its beautiful circus theme background, close your eyes and remember the magical moments you lived as a child when your parents took you to a fancy circus. Be the actor or the director of your own silent movie and feature in a speechlessly emotional movie in the circus of your dreams. At our workshop, you will be shown how easy and fun it is to make your own movie. Step by step you will discover the secrets of the LomoKino from loading the film to shooting and even developing your own LomoKino roll. Shoot your movie in front of the amazing Lomography movie set or outside the photokina; borrow a LomoKino for 24 hours and shoot a movie on a theme you are crazy about! Excited? Then get ready for photokina 2012 - your personal LomoKino adventure awaits you at the Lomography Analogue Circus Booth and will reveal to you magical aspects of circus life which you never considered before!

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