Amid all this excitement about the Fisheye Submarine, we must now find time to give major props to the stars behind the scenes - the Fisheye 1 & Fisheye 2.

The Original Fisheye camera only flipped its way into our lives in 2005, but it is difficult now to imagine life without its 'in-yer-face' Fisheye barrel distortion. The Fisheye phenomena has swept the globe and got us all hooked. The Fisheye was the first 35mm camera in the world to be produced with a built-in Fisheye lens. Its 180-degree view lens gives a new definition to the word wide. That's one of the reasons the Fisheye is the best candidate for underwater shenanigans. The Fisheye lens captures the 180-degree view, and then its barrel shape sucks everything up to give that freaked out circular distortion. Other underwater cameras that lack the Fisheye's amazing depth of field have problems to focus. Not the Fisheye! It's exactly this feature that helps both the target and background stay sharp. It rocks a built-in flash and its gorgeous lens creates awesome colours. It's the classic Fisheye experience!

Then there is the Fisheye 2! This bad boy has all the features of its older bro and then some. The product of deep and meaningful feedback sessions with Fisheye afficionados, Number 2 takes Fisheye to another level. Complete with a bulb settling for long exposures and a magic switch for multiple exposures on one frame, you might think that would be enough. Hell No! In addition to the Fisheye 1's built-in flash, Number 2 has the ability to fire from a hotshoe flash as well. Oh. Did I forget to mention the true Fisheye Viewfinder?

You've had a taste, have a snoop round the talented Fisheye brothers for yourself at the Lomo online shop.