With Lomography’s Colorsplash products, the power to recast your world in stunning color is in your hands…

It’s incredible how a splash of color can alter your mood and perspective. Blues and greens can calm you down; reds and oranges are known to energize. Now imagine what the Lomography Colorsplash Camera and Colorsplash Flash can do for analogue photography – Everything around you is subject to manipulation and becomes washed in vibrant bright light!

If you are holding a Colorsplash product in your hand, then you're in control of tossing whatever color you like upon your subject – day or night. You can even vary the type of 35mm film you use for more unpredictable results.

Go ahead, take the shot from the hip; then follow it up with the opportunity of magically applying the “wrong” colors to your 35mm photo. Lomography Colorsplash products give you endless possibilities for random analogue compositions and colorful experimentation – and in true Lomography style, you never know what’s going to come out!