Compatible with most Lomography cameras or any camera with a standard hot-shoe, the Colorsplash Flash is waiting to show you a whole new world of analogue possibilities…

The Colorsplash Flash was created specially to suit the needs of experimental Lomographers – It’s compact, versatile, colorful, radical and perfect for creative photographic adventures. It’s the Lomo LC-A+’s perfect match but also works fantastically with other cameras with a standard hot-shoe.

  • Color Wheel

    A flick of the wrist is all that's required to turn the Colorsplash Flash's mechanical Color Wheel. Choose between three colored filters to tint your subject or a standard clear flash. When you're ready for a switch, two of the interchangeable filters can be replaced with one of the 9 additional filters that you will receive with the Flash. Snap away, and take photo 1 in blue, frame 2 in red, frame 3 with no color, and so on.

  • Compact-sized

    Slim and flat, the Colorsplash Flash fits into your hand when firing the flash off the camera. Mounted on the Lomo LC-A+ camera, it is swept to the right side with its bottom hot-shoe attachment in the extreme left corner – giving you easy access to the shutter button and advance wheel.

  • Convenient

    Powered by one ‘AA’ battery and ready to burst colored lightning, day and night. Using Colorsplash Techniques, the variety of images that you can achieve is bounded only by your creativity (and battery supply).