With its unique color-wheel system, the Lomography Colorsplash Camera will compel you to see your analogue environment in a spectrum of 12 tiny color gels…

Inspired by the incredible results brought about by synching a hot-shoe flash with the end of a long exposure – sharp, bright foregrounds against blurred and streaked backgrounds – we spent caffeine-charged sessions brainstorming, experimenting and designing until we came up with the Colorsplash Camera – It’s a simple, easy-to-use film camera which brings this amazing effect in just the click of a shutter.

  • Color Wheel

    All it takes is a flick of the wrist and a press of a tiny button to activate the color-bursting electric soul of the Lomography Colorsplash camera. Choose from the built-in standard white flash or the three different color filters, two of which are interchangeable so that you can slip in one of the 9 additional filters included with the Flash.

  • Convenient

    The Colorsplash camera uses all kinds of 35mm film that can be developed in most labs. Experiment with Slide Film and have it cross-processed for extremely vivid colors and saturation!

  • Easy Exposure Controls

    With the Colorsplash camera you can pick from two exposure modes. In Long Exposure mode, the shutter will stay open for as long as you depress the release button. The Color Wheel flash is synched for the end of your exposure, meaning that when you release the button, the flash will fire a split-second before the shutter closes - allowing sharp, colored foregrounds set against dreamy and blurry backgrounds. In the normal exposure mode, both the shutter and flash will fire at the same time, producing nearly monochromatic crazy-contrast shots.

  • Attractive

    The Lomography Colorsplash Camera itself attracts as much attention as the gorgeous photos it spits out. Half science fiction-futuristic and half 1960’s retro-mod, its shiny coating and radical shape are pure eye candy to the hungry stares of onlookers and style-freaks.