Lo-Fi Magic on 35 mm Film

The Diana Mini brings all the vivid colors, moody vignetting and analogue surprises of the iconic 1960s Diana camera to 35 mm film — along with some electrifying creative features.

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With the flick of a switch, you can move from square format to half-frame, giving you an incredible 72 shots on a roll of 35 mm film. Experiment with long exposures and unlimited multiple exposures, mount your darling Diana on a tripod to keep your shot extra steady, and attach a cable release to shoot from the center of the action. Use the quick zone-focusing system to snap into focus, and attach a wide-angle lens for a super expansive view. You can even overlap your frames for endless panoramas!

Pick up an iconic Diana Flash+ to splash your subject in a dazzling burst of light. Look through the viewfinder or shoot from the hip — upside down, off the wall, from high above your head or down on the ground. Rules were made to be broken.

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The Legendary Diana Aesthetic on Square Format Instant Film

The Diana Instant Square fills your frame with unpredictable beauty. With fully manual settings and tons of daring creative features, it opens up a wild world of experimental freedom. Find out more →
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