• A Holga History Lesson

    Hong Kong, 1982. The manufacturing and production hub of the world is burning at full flame. From within this land of manic innovation, a loving tribute to the early days of camera mechanics is created. Reflecting the shining landscape around them, this new camera is named after the term "ho gwong," meaning "very bright." After throwing a European spin onto this phrase, the moniker "HOLGA" is minted. This dead simple camera is met with a warm welcome, establishing a small yet strong base of Holga aficionados.

  • The concept of the original Holga camera was very straight forward - A minimal and inexpensive camera using medium format 120 film. It contained only the bare necessities for photo mechanisms and provided a cheap and accessible alternative for students and enthusiasts to dip their toes into the otherwise expensive world of medium format photography.

  • Lomography and the Holga Future

    Today, the Holga movement is expanding every single minute, with new devotees spreading like wildfire. Ironically, as camera design becomes more technical and sophisticated, Holga's low-tech appeal grows stronger and stronger for us; those who relish in its quirky and unpredictable nature.

  • And where does Lomography fit into this picture? Ever since we saw our first Holga photos, we’ve moved full-steam ahead with this plastic friend riding forever faithful at our side. We've produced a Holga Fisheye Lens and collaborated on designing a fierce Strobe Flash, bent the very light in front of our eyes with a Holga Filter Set, and published ‘The World Through A Plastic Lens’, the most comprehensive Holga book ever written. And believe us when we say we've got a lot more in store for the future!