• Black and white

    The Holga is capable of producing stunning black & white images. You can also shoot more freely with black & white film on a cloudy day than with color film. Black & white is fantastic for characteristic portraits and moody landscapes.

  • Cross Processed

    The prime choice for outrageous colors. This consists of developing a slide film as if it were a normal color negative film. Merely ask your local lab technician (nicely) to process your slide film in C-41 (normally used for 35mm color negative) and see what you get out of it. By using the “wrong” chemicals, the colors become displaced and your image explodes with brightness, saturation, and contrast.

  • Flashed and Colorsplashed

    The flash on the Holga 120 CFN includes built-in color gels. This way you can tint your shots with color or create weird portraits of people at night. The possibilities and combinations are endless.

  • Green Eyed Holga

    It’s hard resist the unique mystique of shots with hints and shades of green. As it is also the color of that hungry beast, envy, we invite you to face the monster and venture in to the green abyss.

  • Multiple Exposures

    The Holga has a separate shutter and advance – meaning that you can shoot as many times as you like on the same frame without advancing. In the right hands and with a bit of luck, multiple exposures can create complex and stunning images and also turn accidental double exposures into photographic miracles.

  • Natural and Filtered

    Sometimes it takes a plain-jane shot to appreciate the a Holga images true majesty - dreamlike, somewhat soft, vignetted at the corners, overflowing with color, and absolutely bursting at the seams with personality. It's easy to see why this plastic machine is so fiercely addictive. To spice things up just a little bit, try putting one of our color or multiple images in front of your lens.

  • Night Time Holga Adventures

    Mandi is our man for special missions. So we needed a new gallery, and wanted to show some nighttime action. You could be sure that Mandi stocked up with a load of films and then roamed around the streets of Vienna to get you some great and interesting shots.

  • Pseudo-Panoramas

    Remember, the Holga allows you to shoot multiple times and advance as little as you like. Merely take a shot, wind a little bit less than a full frame, and take another shot – thereby causing the images to overlap and creating a pseudo-panoramic image. You could actually expose the entire film like this creating a super-long continuous image. You'll probably need a negative scanner to produce the final images, as most labs can't print a huge-ass negative.

  • Red Eyed Holga

    Red-toned Holga shots give off an infectious energy rendering the user powerless against the urge to snap happy!