Shooting Tips

Shooting Tips

  • Long Exposure

    Painting with Light

    Never heard of light painting before? No problem — your Lomo’Instant Wide knows exactly what it is and provides you with a gorgeously wide canvas with plenty of room for artistic output! All you have to do is grab a tripod, a bunch of friends (or more) and a passel of wild and wonderful light sources (i.e. the Lomography Light Painter). Next, find a room that is totally dark and has enough space to do a few light-painting maneuvers. Now the light-painting scene is set — hold down the shutter button and have your friends (the artists) paint a magical scene with the flashlights. Then release the shutter and your masterpiece will pop out. Now you’ve heard of light-painting!

    Make a Night of It

    The Lomo’Instant Wide is perfect for capturing the bustling light streaks of nighttime urban settings — and it’s pretty dang easy to do. First, perch yourself in a safe spot where you’ll have a good view of the evening’s events. Then switch your Lomo’Instant Wide to B Mode with the flash setting to ‘Off’ and place it on a tripod, or a sturdy surface where it won’t move. Now all you have to do is hold down the shutter button and let the magic happen — you’ll end up with an awesome city scene full of light-streaked goodness.

  • Multiple Exposure (MX)

    Pleased to Meet Me

    Have you ever imagined what it would be like to meet yourself? With the Lomo’Instant Wide, you don’t have to imagine anymore! Introduce yourself... to yourself, using the MX Switch on your camera. Just place your Lomo’Instant Wide on a tripod, flick the MX switch and snap a flash photo of yourself using the Remote Control Lens Cap (included in the Advanced Package). Then take a step to your right or left and snap another photo (looking very pleased to meet yourself, of course). Then flip the MX Switch and your meeting will be forever documented. And if you’re feeling extra colorful, you can use different Color Gel flash filters for each exposure for awesome results!

    Sensational Silhouettes

    Of course, normal silhouettes are lovely. But the Lomo’Instant Wide takes the normal silhouette to the next level with its handy MX function. Want to try yourself? Grab a friend and head out for a little adventure. For the first exposure, flip the MX Switch and take a photo of your pal with plenty of backlighting (this will ensure a ‘silhouette’ is captured). Then for the next one, find a crazy pattern or texture (think graffiti, fauna and flora or anything you might find at your nearby museum of modern art) and snap your second exposure. What will pop out is a wildly awesome image where your friend’s silhouette is filled in by your chosen pattern or texture!

  • Close-Up Lens

    Get Up Close & Personal

    The Close-Up Lens that comes with the Lomo’Instant Wide allows you to focus up to an incredible 10cm (~4 inches) from your subject! This awesome capability gives you an ultimate amount of flexibility when you are out shooting with your Lomo’Instant Wide. The next time your dog is coming in for a cold and wet greeting? Capture it instantly! Or how about the next time you’re out on a nature walk and see a beautiful bloom or interesting forest critter? Get as close as possible and snap away!

    Focus on Flora

    With the abundance of beautiful flowers and foliage we have surrounding us here on this green earth, isn’t it natural for us to want to photograph it every once in a while? We’d say so! Just attach the Close-Up Lens to your Lomo’Instant Wide and take a few steps closer to your subject — you’ll get really intense and detailed photos of those gorgeous scenes.

  • Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens

    Widen Your View

    One of the very beautiful things about the Lomo’Instant Wide is quickly spotted in its name. That’s right — wide! And with the Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens and Viewfinder attached, you can capture even more of everything that’s happening in front of you! A snake charmer in the middle of a busy market? No problems. Group photos at your next family reunion skydiving session? Yep. Your favorite band playing the main stage at a summer festival? Most definitely! So remember this the next time you take your Lomo’Instant Wide out for an adventure!

    Become an Architect

    A major benefit of a wide-angle lens is the ability to capture more of everything on your photograph, and it’s no different with the Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens on the Lomo’Instant Wide! One of our favorite things to do with the Ultra Wide-Angle Lens and Viewfinder is to wander the streets of the city center on a beautiful day. You can fit in all of the beautiful architecture in one go! An especially fun thing to do is use the MX function and meld your favorite architectural monuments in one photo.

  • Remote Control Lens Cap

    Secret Selfies

    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where no one was around and you were forced to take a selfie? Now, don’t get us wrong — nothing wrong with a good selfie! But what if you wanted to be all the way in the photo, and not just your face? Well, using the Remote Control Lens Cap with the Lomo’Instant Wide, you can sneak in secret selfies, just as if your best friend was along with you to capture the moment! Just put your Lomo’Instant Wide on a tripod, position yourself in your camera’s field of view and snap away with the Remote Control Lens Cap. No one will ever know it’s a selfie!

  • Splitzer Fun

    The Splitzer Pie

    Make a pie with your Lomo’Instant Wide! Wait a second, what? Yes, you read it right — using the Lomo’Instant Wide Splitzer, you can split your instant shots into “pies” of many sizes. Just engage the MX function and slip the Splitzer onto the front of your Lomo’Instant Wide — ¼ or ⅙ are great places to start. Look for vibrant colors or patterns, or snap photos of your friends face, alternating patterns, colors or faces with every exposure. After you’ve made it through you chosen amount of splitzed exposures, you’ll end up with is a fantastic “pie”.

    The Splitzer Imaginarium

    Who said you can‘t be in two places at once? Or have an argument with yourself? Or what about growing a rich, full beard? With the Lomo’Instant Wide, you can! By combining the Lomo’Instant Wide Splitzer with its unlimited multiple exposure function, the Lomo’Instant Wide lets you mix and match your face with your friend’s face, combine body parts in unimaginable and wild ways and pretty much anything else that comes to your mind. Just make sure to switch on the MX mode and let your creativity take control.

  • PC Sync Socket

    Flash Frenzy

    The PC Sync Socket on the Lomo’Instant Wide allows you to synchronize your shutter with everything from external flashes to studio softbox kits. That means if you want to create moody lighting for your instant shot, you can! And when you connect an external flash, the flash on the camera will still fire if you have it activated — which means you can use two different colored flashes if it suits your fancy. Simply choose one Color Gel flash filter and insert it over the flash of the Lomo'Instant Wide. Then choose a different color for your external flash. Once you have everything set up, direct your camera flash to the front of your subject and your external flash to the side of your subject — you'll end up with a wildly colorful and creative portrait!

  • Exposure Compensation

    Out-Foxing the Fox

    Even the most sophisticated cameras’ light meters can be fooled by a complex lighting situation, and that’s why having creative options like exposure compensation make the Lomo’Instant Wide a tour de force in the world of instant photography. For instance, when your subject is shrouded in light or you are shooting in the snow, your light meter might expose slightly too bright or slightly too dark. But this is a simple fix with the Lomo’Instant Wide — you can easily compensate for these rare situations by turning the exposure compensation dial to either +1 or -1, depending on your situation. Of course, in all other instances, your fully automatic shutter will correctly determine the amount of light for perfect exposures!

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