Give your Lomo LC-Wide some extra love and experiment with accessories to further expand the capabilities of this already awesome 35mm analogue camera.

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Instant Kit for Lomo-LC-Wide product shot INSTANT KIT FOR THE LOMO LC-Wide

The Instant Kit contains a correction lens and a special viewfinder that allows you to use the LC-A Instant Back+ with your LC-Wide.


LC-A Instant Back+ product shot LC-A INSTANT BACK+

Use the LC-A Instant Back+ together with the 'Instant Kit' to create wonderful ultra-wide-angle instant Lomographs with your LC-Wide!.


Color Splash Flash product shot COLORSPLASH FLASH

The Colorsplash Flash is the ultimate companion to the LOMO LC-Wide. Give each of your shots a stunning burst of color!


Lomo L-Case product shot LOMO L-CASE

Made from genuine fine-grain black leather, the LOMO L-Case is without a doubt the most stylish and safest way to carry around your LC-Wide.


Lomo LC-A+ Krab Underwater Housing product shot Lomo LC-A+ Krab Underwater Housing

The LC-Wide is fully compatible with the Krab underwater casing so you can take awesome, wide, under-water photos!