MX Marks the Spot Technique preview photo MX Marks the Spot - Double Exposures:

The LC-Wide is built for endless multiple exposures and it's still as simple as the push of a button. The Multiple Exposure Switch (MX) is located at the bottom of the LC-Wide, nestled just between the Lens Cover Switch and the Tripod Thread and marked with 'MX'. After pressing the Shutter Release and taking a shot, push the Multiple Exposure Switch once to the right. You can now fire a second time on the same frame, thereby super-imposing one image on top of another.

Repeat this as many times as you like – it's a whole lot of fun! Be sure to try it with a colour flash for a whole lot more MXcitement!

Triple Exposure Madness Technique preview photo Triple Exposure Madness:

Why be content with just double exposure? Why not mix things up completely and try the *gasp* triple exposure! That's right; if you really want some mind-bending results, hit that MX button three times or more!

Be careful not to do this too many times in bright light, otherwise your image may come out very over-exposed. If you're planning to do a lot of multiple exposures in the sunlight, then you might want to set the Film Sensitivity Dial to an artificially high speed (e.g. using ISO100, but setting the Sensitivity to ISO400). That will underexpose each individual shot, so that the final image is not blown out.

Square Format Technique preview photo Square Format:

It's hip to be square. Simply take your 24x24mm (S) plastic frame and insert it into the LC-Wide's Film Chamber. Now simply flick the advancing setting to FF/S mode to enter the world of the square. See the world in a whole different dimension with the elegant, beloved square photo format. What are you waiting for? Start exploring the universe through squares!

Half-Frame Format Technique preview photo Half-Frame Format:

Two photo formats enough? We don't think so – that's why the LC-Wide is here to bring you ultimate creative control with the unique half-frame format. Not only do you get a whopping 72 shots on a standard roll of film, it's also the perfect format for some experimentation. Fancy telling your own Lomographic story? Maybe you fancy snapping some awesome and creative doubles? A punk next to a princess, a wrestler next to a drag-queen. The possibilities are endless!

X-Processing Technique preview photo X-Processing:

Feel like creating some ultra-wide-angle, hyper-saturated, insanely contrasted shots that are simply bursting with colour? Then it's time to give X-Pro or "cross-processing" a whirl. Simply load your LC-Wide with some 35mm slide film and have it developed in C41 colour-negative chemicals (just ask your friendly lab technician nicely). As always with cross processing, expect the unexpected. Surprise yourself with some wild cross processed experimentation!

Black and White Technique preview photo Black and White:

Why not give your shots that classic, vintage look with a healthy dose of Black and White film? Load up the LC-Wide with B&W and you'll be sure to get some stunning contrast and add an air of mystery to your shots. You can also shoot more freely with black and white film on a cloudy day than you normally can with colour film and it's fantastic for capturing characteristic portraits or moody landscapes.

Redscale Technique preview photo Redscale:

Fancy giving your wide-angle shots a healthy splash of fiery reds, eye-popping oranges and spectacular yellows? Then it's time to go redscale. The easiest way to achieve this effect is to place a roll of Lomography Redscale film into your LC-Wide. The result is like shooting through a reddish-orange filter but, unlike a filter, the effect is a bit unpredictable and varies in strength depending on the subject and light source.

Landscapes Technique preview photo Landscapes:

That 17mm ultra-wide-angle Mingon 1 lens is absolutely perfect for taking in some breathtaking landscape shots. So whether you're up a mountain, in the forest, sitting on the beach or on the edge of the Grand Canyon; whip out the LC-Wide and cram every single inch of that awe-inspiring landscape panorama into your shot!

Cityscapes – Urban Street Photography Technique preview photo Cityscapes – Urban Street Photography:

The LC-Wide is perfect not only for capturing the natural world but also the ins and outs of the city. Capture towering skyscrapers, stunning constructions, crazy taxi drivers, candid street moments and the complete hustle and bustle of the urban landscape in all its ultra-wide detail! Take in the metropolis – LOMO LC-Wide style.

Me, Myself and I: Self Portraits: Technique photo Me, Myself and I: Self Portraits:

It's all very good and well taking pictures of other people, but that ultra-wide-angle lens, super-close focusing range and crisp vignetting is perfect for some seriously cool self-portraits. Don't be worried about appearing self-indulgent or narcissistic; just give yourself a little Lomo self-loving and turn that stunning LC-Wide on yourself once in a while.

Endless Pano Technique preview photo Endless Panoramas:

Fancy making those wide-angle shots even wider? Then give the endless panorama a whirl. Make sure the LC-Wide is half-frame (HF) mode but leave the frame out of the camera and make sure the lens cover is only half open. Just make sure you turn the camera to the right when taking the next section of the endless panorama and don't forget that the image you take is bigger than what you can see in the viewfinder. When you give your film to the lab, tell them not to cut the negatives and scan the panorama in yourself!

Instants Technique photo Instants:

Did you know the LC-Wide is capable of producing jaw-dropping ultra-wide-angle instant pictures? That's right – all you need is an Instant Back+ and the Instant Kit and you're ready to go! Watch as those colour-drenched, super-saturated, vignetted wide-angle shots miraculously appear from the back of your LC-Wide!