With the LC-Wide we've endeavoured to give you even more control over your creativity. We know sometimes you see the world in all different shapes and sizes – that's why the LC-Wide lets you choose from three different exciting photo formats.

Just remember that variety is the spice of your Lomographic life, so play with all the formats, discover new ways of looking at the world and choose a format to fit your mood. Enough of the talk, let's check them out:

Full Frame Format Graphic A full ormat frenzy demo photo
Square Format Graphic A Square format frenzy demo photo
Half Frame Format Graphic A Half frame format frenzy demo photo
FULL FORMAT (Standard 36x24mm):

What better way to show off your ultra-wide-angle shots than with the beloved full-frame format? With a standard roll of 36 exposure film, you'll get 36 glorious full-frame shots. Whether you've snapped some close-up shots of your best friend or an entire city in all its wide-angle glory, the full frame format is a wonderful, versatile friend that will never let you down.

How to activate full frame format:
  1. Take out the entire plastic frame from the camera chamber
  2. Switch the Advancing Control Switch to "FF/S" mode.
  3. Open the Lens Cover Switch to "FF/S" step when you shoot.
SQUARE FORMAT (24x24mm):

That's right, embrace the square. Why not give your pictures that classic, vintage look with the inimitable square format. Like miniature windows onto the world, the square format can give your pictures that special, timeless quality. So, what are you waiting for? Just remember: It's hip to be square.

How to activate square frame format:
  1. Take the 24x24mm (S) plastic frame and insert it into the Film Chamber.
  2. Switch the Advancing Control Switch to "FF/S" mode.

With the Square format mode, you will get 36 pictures on an ordinary roll of a 36 exposure film.


If you really want to spice things up, then head for the half-frame format. Unleash your creativity or tell your own personal Lomographic story. Not only that but you'll get a staggering 72 shots on a normal roll of 36 exposure film. So if you want to make that film go a loooong way, this is the format to go for!

How to activate half-frame format:
  1. Take the 17x24mm (HF) plastic frame and insert it into the Film Chamber.
  2. Switch the Advancing Control Switch to "HF" mode.
  3. Open the Lens Cover Switch to "HF" step when shooting for the half frame view finding.


Feel like getting extra experimental? Put your LC-Wide into Half-frame (HF) mode but take the plastic frame out of the film chamber and make sure the lens cover is fully open. You'll now be able to create some seriously cool overlapping shots.

Or how about some Endless Panoramas? Again, make sure the LC-Wide is Half-frame (HF) mode and leave the frame out of the camera. This time, make sure the lens cover is only half open. The half-closed viewfinder will give you a slightly bigger image with soft edges, making it perfect for overlapping and blending each photo into your next shot. Just make sure you turn the camera to the right when taking the next section of the endless panorama and don't forget that the image you take is bigger than what you can see in the viewfinder.

To avoid a complete film with overlapping shots, you can simply throw in a blank image by covering up the lens with your hand. When you give your film to the lab, tell them not to cut the negatives and scan the panorama in yourself!