Shoot Short Analogue Movies with the Lomokino on 35 mm Film

What is a LomoKino?

The LomoKino is the only camera in the our experimental arsenal that allows you to create short analogue movies on 35 mm film — and you can shoot up to 30 seconds of silent footage per roll! It’s super compact and easy to use. So what are you waiting for? Start directing and shoot your own mini-masterpiece!

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How Does the LomoKino Work?

It shoots 4 frames per single frame of 35 mm film. Movies are made at a measurement of frames per second. So, being able to shoot multiple frames on a single frame of 35 mm lets the the movie play at the correct pace. The LomoKinos run at 4 frames per second. And you can wind the reel to shoot up to 144 frames on any standard 35 mm film to make movie magic!

How to Make the Most out of Your LomoKino:

The LomoKino makes movies anywhere from 5–30 seconds. You can create as many short films as you want on one roll of 35mm! You can even use it to take quick action shots like mid-air leaps, without having to make your subject jump in the air 12 times to get the perfect shot. Since you have more frames per shot, and a faster speed than a regular still camera, you can capture more of those high-energy shots that you may have not been able to achieve before — even with the fastest shutter speed.

A Brief History of 35mm Filmmaking

All the way back in 1892, legendary inventors Thomas Edison and William Kennedy Dickson first used 35mm film and adapted it to shoot movies on their early analogue movie cameras. Over the years, all kinds of different formats appeared and disappeared, but it was 35mm that braved the test of time and became the standard format of film for shooting motion pictures.

It was only later that people began to experiment with using this 35mm movie film in still photography cameras. It was the German optical engineer, Oskar Barnack, who would eventually be credited with popularizing the format for still photography when he invented the first of legendary Leica 35mm cameras. 35mm film continues to be the standard format of film for still photography to this day; it’s now used and loved by Lomographers across the world as the medium for their creative and experimental snap-shooting.

The LomoKino has brought this history of 35mm film around full circle. When you load a fresh roll of film into your LomoKino, you are once again unlocking the moviemaking potential of the humble roll of 35mm film! Oh and for those of you who aren’t aware, the word ‘Kino’ is German for Cinema — speaking of which, why don’t we check out some LomoKino movies in the Screening Room!

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Let's head behind the scenes and take a look at all the features that make the LomoKino tick!

  • Film type - 35mm
  • Exposure area - 24mm x 8.5mm
  • Frames per. roll (36 exp.) - 144 frames
  • Frame rate - Approximately 3-5 frames per second
  • Taking Lens - 25mm
  • Angle of view - 54 degrees
  • Aperture - f/5.6, f/8, f/11 (Continuous aperture)
  • Shutter speed - 1/100
  • Film Advancing - Manual
  • Film Counting - Volume display
  • Focusing - (Normal) 1m~infinity, (Press button for) 0.6m close-up
  • View finding - Inverse-Galileo foldable viewfinder
  • Flash sync - x-sync (hot-shoe)
  • Tripod mount - Standard 1/4" tripod screw
  • Use any kind of 35mm film

    Load the LomoKino with any kind of 35mm film that takes your fancy – Color Negative, Slide, Black and White; the choice is yours

  • Check your movie progress

    Use the handy volume display on the LomoKino to see how much film you have left on the roll – When the red flag on top of the camera pops up, the show’s over folks

  • Fast Focusing

    Shooting a subject over 1m away? You don’t have to do a thing to focus. Want to shoot closer than 1m? Just hold down the close-up button on the front of the camera and you can focus up to 0.6m

  • Grab a Tripod

    Want to look like a true analogue Director when shooting your LomoKino movies? Attach the camera to a tripod and get ready for some steady Lomographic movie action

  • Easy Aperture Controls

    The LomoKino has continuous aperture settings from f/5.6 to f/11 – There is no step between each aperture, so you can effortlessly adjust the aperture setting at any time during shooting

  • Look through the Viewfinder (if you want to)

    Use the LomoKino viewfinder to get an idea of what you are shooting – Or just ignore it and shoot from the hip

  • Simple Shooting

    Shooting a movie with the LomoKino is easy – After you’ve loaded your film, just rotate the advancing crank to start making your movie – Rotate the crank slowly for a low frame rate or fast for a higher frame rate – With the LomoKino you can shoot up to 3-5 frames per second at full speed!

  • Light up your movie

    Use the hot-shoe mount on the top of the LomoKino to attach your favourite Lomography flashes