Square Shots, Sprocket Holes, and Sweet Nothings

Perhaps you know – or have heard of – or might be part of a married couple who needed to put a little spice and romance back into their lives. You know, they rent a nice hotel room for the night. Get a sitter for the kids. Go out for a high-class meal, and then – ooohh – he’s got a present for her… and that present is nothing other than sexy lingerie … and she puts that Marvin Gaye album on, and all of those old sparks fly once again.

The key to keeping the spirit alive is VARIETY. Doing the same thing gets repetitive and a bit boring. Change it up and inject some fresh passion into your Lomographic relationship! No matter what your mood, the Lubitel+ has a film format to match it. By tweaking a few knobs, inserting a few bits here and there, and spooling on a fresh film roll or two, you can choose from one of four fantastic analog formats.

  • Square 120 (6x6)

    The all-time Lubitel classic. 12 shots on one roll.

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    Sample photo 23

  • 35mm Portrait Panoramic (58x33)

    We’ve all used 35mm film before. But this, my friends is something entirely different. For even if you’ve been around the block with 35mm film more times than you care to count, the union of PANORAMIC sized images (58mm tall!), exposed SPROCKET holes, and a fresh PORTRAIT format will let you see a new – and irresistibly tempting side of 35mm film that you never know existed before.

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    Asset 18

  • Rectangular 120 (6x4.5)

    16 lovely landscape images on one roll.

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    Sample photo 5

  • Endless Panorama 120

    Shoot an unlimited amount of frames with no space between them.

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    Sample photo 7