We’ve built a prince’s ransom of improvements into the basic Lubitel design. As Lubitel devotees for countless years, we had a few “pet peeves” that we wanted to change. Here’s the bigger and the better

35mm Format

As detailed in the Film Formats section, you can easily convert your Lubitel+ into a 35mm machine with the included “Lubikin” set – allowing you to snap vertical panoramic images with exposed sprocket holes. Oh yes!


Endless Panorama Format

Just like with the Diana F+, you can shoot an endless stream of images with no space between frames – thereby crafting a uniquely analog panoramic image which can stress the entire length of your film!


Improved Viewfinder

The Lubitel+’s viewfinder glass is perfectly flat ground glass and covers 100% of the image. The original viewfinder used curved glass, was a bit tough to see in any angle other than head-on, and only covered 80% of the image.

Improved viewfinder

Closer Focus

The Lubitel+ lens focuses to 0.8m, while the classic Lubitel lens only focused to 1.4m. This means stronger and more intense portraits and close-up shots!


Zone Focus (just like the LC-A+!)

The Lubitel+ features a easy zone focus mode which snaps to the familiar LC-A+ distance settings of 0.8m, 1.5m, 3m, and infinity (allowing you to truly “be fast”).


On-Camera Exposure Guides

Setting the manual exposure of the Lubitel just got a lot easier with the help of two handy exposure guides (one aperture-priority, one shutter-priority) printed right onto your camera.


Standard Hotshoe

Sync any standard hotshoe flash – including the Colorsplash flash or Diana Flash – perfectly with your camera.


Rewind your 120 rolls

With the Lubitel+, you can rewind your film before the end of the roll. This allows you to trade film rolls with a mate rewind to a past frame and shoot on it again. This is one of the only medium format cameras in the world that can do this!



  • Type:TLR

  • Manufacturer: Lomography

  • Full-frame ground glass viewfinder

  • Film: 120 and 35mm

  • Frame Size: 6x6, 6x4.5, 35mm, and endless panorama shooting formats

  • Lens: Triplet-22 f/4.5 75mm lens

  • Shutter: Leaf, manually cocked

  • Shutter speeds from 1/15 sec to 1/250 sec and Bulb for long exposures

  • Apertures from f4.5 to f22

  • Focus from 0.8m-infinity

  • Hot shoe for external flash - syncs at any shutter speed

  • Film transport: manual

  • Frame counter: One on the side for 35mm Film, two windows at the back for controlling frame numbers of all three frame sizes

  • Double exposure safety: false

  • On-camera exposure guide